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Top 3 Non-Reliable Essay Services You Should Avoid


Being a student is far from being easy. As a matter of fact, higher education comes with an abundance of responsibilities. Those responsibilities aim at shaping and preparing the students for a fruitful future career.

However, at times, when things get too hectic, students will search for academic help. Fortunately, they can get that at one of the many legit custom writing services. Still, there are some companies you should avoid using since they aren’t as reliable as you’d expect them to be.

Today we’ll talk about three companies that fall into the latter category.


CustomWriting services

In lines with the information presented on the site, students can order essays and papers in any possible field of study. This particular feature is, without a doubt, a positive aspect. Still, other things ought to be considered to gauge the quality of their essays.

Firstly, we looked at writing samples published on the website. Our aim was reviewing the writing samples. Although the length of the essays was appropriate for college level and they were adequately formatted, the papers contained the same claims re-written over and over again. Apart from that, we also spotted some grammar errors and incorrect word usage.

In the same respect, off-site Custom-Writing testimonials complained about the poor quality of the writing and the use of unsuitable resources. Apart from that, other former clients complained about the inability to obtain revisions for their papers.

Another odd aspect is that there is little information regarding the writers. Apart from the fact that they hold Ph. D. and Master’s degree, there isn’t anything else. On top of all, the prices are over the top, not to mention that the company provides discounts in exchange for good reviews on the web, which is quite unethical.


PaperWritings services

To start with, we requested an essay concerning anti-intellectualism and its impact on universities. Considering that the majority of PaperWritings reviews we assessed complained about the inferior quality, we were eager to determine whether they were accurate in their claims or not.

Regrettably, the paper we received wasn’t that good. We were discontented because the paper didn’t have an insight into the subject, not to mention that we found an overwhelming number of mistakes.

Additionally, as soon as we complained about the quality of our paper, the customer service representative wasn’t as cordial and polite as at the beginning. As for the prices, they are definitely above the average, which isn’t right considering the poorly written papers. On the whole, this is a writing service you shouldn’t waste your time with.



EssayTigers testimonials

The main issue with EssayTigers services is that many customers have complained that their papers were delivered after the deadline, which can be a problem, especially if you have a strict date when an essay ought to be submitted.

Even though the paper we requested was sent out before the deadline, the resources used were elementary, in the sense that the author included Wikipedia as a resource.

Apart from that, the paper, itself, was poorly written featuring an overflowing number of errors. Another odd aspect is that Essay Tigers charges the student for a plagiarism report, as well as an additional fee for each resource used. To that end, we would have to say that this is a company that isn’t worth trying.